Monire Childs Photographer - Collections

Many of the photographs in these collections featured in exhibitions.  It is not the intention to replicate the context or visual of the original exhibitions.  The photographs feature people who were prominent in the Politics, Culture and Society of 1980s Britain and are arranged accordingly.  Monire interviewed the subjects in partnership with her husband Professor David Childs.  Recordings from these interviews are available to researchers.  Contact Monire to obtain a more varied range of photographs on any of the subjects featured.

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Before the strike,  A Nottingham coal mining community before the strike of 1984-85.

The Indian Community in Nottingham
Monire Childs photographed migrant families from India who settled in Nottingham during the 1970s. This series of intimate portraits offers an insight into the domestic lives of several families from a variety of social backgrounds, forming an important and rarely seen body of work portraying Britain’s multilayered cultural histories.

USA: 1980s
The characters, the stories,  New York and Baltimore

Before the wall came down
Berlin 1987 an instight into both sides of the Berlin Wall